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YWCA Fitness on 25th – Expanding our Aqua Fitness Class Descriptions

Through the past year or more our Aqua class program often has on the schedule the class title Aqua Fitness. In fact, over this past fall term of classes, we had 14 scheduled classes called Aqua Fitness; led by 6 different instructors.

With a goal to providing our members with improved description of the differences between the 14 classes we have expanded the type and focus of the Aqua Fitness classes. Now, the schedule will have the following types of Aqua Fitness classes:

Gentle Aqua:

Gentle Aqua will remain on the schedule, as is, with the focus to offer a mild, introductory Aqua Fitness experience. Jackie will continue as our main Gentle Aqua instructor with the class remaining at 1:30 pm weekdays. Joyce instructs our Friday class.

Aqua Fitness 1:

Aqua Fitness 1 will be a mild to moderate focused class; much like the Serious Seniors offering we have previously had on the schedule. This class is a good introductory class to those ready for a moderate exercise experience. Ginette will lead the 9:45 am Monday and Friday AQ-1 classes and will also lead the 11:15 am Monday and Friday offerings of this class. Carol will instruct the Wednesday 9:45 AQ-1 class and the Tuesday and Wednesday AQ-1 classes at 11:15 am. Kaylie will instruct the AQ-1 class at 11:15 am on Thursday’s.

Aqua Fitness 2:

Aqua Fitness 2 will offer a moderate to advanced focused class. For those ready to move and be challenged in the Aqua Fitness setting, this will be a good place for you. Four of Carol’s 8am Aqua Fitness weekday classes have been categories as AQ-2; Monday to Wednesday and Friday. We will offer Aqua Fitness 2 at 5:15 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday lead by Caitlin, Kaylie and Val respectively. On Saturday’s, Pat will lead AQ-2 at 9:00 am.

Aqua Fitness Prime:

This class is for those looking for an advanced, challenging aqua fitness workout. Carol’s Thursday 8am Aqua Fitness class has been categorized as a AQ-Prime class. And, we will offer AQ-Prime at 6:45 pm on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s; both led by Caitlin.

Scaling any class to your fitness level and ability:

As for any class, each participant is encouraged to work at their personal level. So, if you are not sure if a class requires too much effort, give it a try and work at the rate good for you. Our instructors are all knowledgeable in ways to assist all skills and fitness levels have a positive and beneficial experience. Think AQ-Prime sounds too difficult? Give it a try. Our instructors will ensure you have a great experience.

Aqua Yoga:

This great version of Aqua Fitness will continue as before with two offerings each week. Laura will teach at 10:15 am on Tuesdays and Joyce will lead the AQ-Yoga class at 6:45 pm on Monday evenings.

Aqua Zumba:

Using powerful and motivating Latin music as a backdrop, our popular Aqua Zumba class will move to Thursday evenings at 5:15 pm with Monika continuing as our class leader. You wan to move and have fun at the same time? You can’t beat this class.

Our hope is the added differentiation will help our members find the classes that meet your needs and interests. We are interested in expanding to offering a Aqua Fitness class of some level on Sunday’s and possibly expanding to offer more classes on Saturday’s. If you are interested in these potential offerings, please express this through our comment cards at the front desk or by mentioning to one of our staff.

The upcoming schedule begins January 4th and we will have the schedules available at the front desk and online this week.