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This Valentine’s Day, how will you celebrate your love?


The #HealthyLove movement is designed to raise awareness about healthy relationships and support violence prevention across Canada.

Celebrate your love with your partner by making a promise to each other to work on one of these healthy relationship behaviours.

How does #9 sound: “I will always speak to my partner with respect”? Definitely something to work on!

Which one would you pick? Or is there one you think should be added to this list?

14 Behaviours that Help to Build Healthy Relationships:

  1. I will share my feelings.
  2. I will be truthful.
  3. I will admit when I’m wrong.
  4. I will listen when my partner needs to talk.
  5. I will help my partner realize their potential.
  6. I will respect my partner’s boundaries when engaging in sexual activity.
  7. I will express my anger in a nonthreatening way.
  8. I will never use intimidation or violence.
  9. I will always speak to my partner with respect.
  10. I will value my partner’s opinion.
  11. I will accept responsibility for my mistakes.
  12. I will be open to compromise.
  13. I will share decision making.
  14. I will do my fair share of chores.

Source: Canadian Women’s Foundation