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The Swimming Pool

Our Aquatic Programming is expanding this fall!

Visit here to see our class schedule and to book into a Lane Swim or Aqua Fitness Class




Beginning September 8th, 2020 our swimming pool programming schedule will include evenings and weekend programming:

  • Expanded Programming for the Fall: We are adding more programming this fall and will continue to do so in a safe and thoughtful manner. Check our online schedule here.
    • Weekday Evenings: Programming is expanding as we go. We have added even more lane swims as of the beginning of November, 2020. 
    • Weekends: For early fall we will add a lane swim time and a family swim time on Sundays as we work towards an increased complement of aquatic programming. We have added a Saturday lane swim and an additional lane swim on Sundays as we expand programming based on demand.
  • Register for aqua fitness classes and lane swims please! We allow up to 7 days advanced booking to all patrons for all classes. You can book online through our App, here on the web site or by calling the front desk at 306-244-7034 Ext. 850.
  • New locker room usage rules and procedures. Please keep your time in the locker rooms as efficient as possible. And, help us keep the lockers disinfected. Leave your day locker open after you have used it to inform our staff it needs to be disinfected.
  • Limits on class size to ensure physical distancing. The two-metre rule is in effect for our classes and we have mapped out where you will stand during classes. Some of our classes have a maximum of 12 participants, some classes have a maximum of 15 and some have a maximum of 18. All class size restrictions are designed to create a safe environment of our members while visiting the facility.

New and old pool rules:

  • Always shower prior to entering the pool. This is such an important rule to help us maintain a healthy swim environment but it is even more so now with the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • Maintain two-meters distance at minimum from all members, patrons and staff.
  • Thoroughly wash hands prior to and at the conclusion of your visit to the YWCA.
  • You cannot wear a mask while in the water. 
  • Wearing a mask when you are not in the water is a great way to help protect all of those around you. If you must enter inside a person’s two-meter space, then a mask becomes very important.

How we manage 12, 15 or 18 people per Aqua Fitness Class:

The single most important factor to manage for the new covid-19 pool experience is allowing as many patrons into the water while still keeping at least 2 meters between each person. We have determined we can manage up to 18 participants in our Aqua Fitness classes. We have a grid mapped out for our classes that will help you understand where you may stand while participating in aqua fitness classes. Its kind of like Bingo…with spots for A1 to F3. See our pool map to understand what we mean:

View a PDF of the Swimming Pool Map Here

Details to consider from our Pool Map:

  • The Bingo grid has letters along the long wall of the pool (A to F) with three numbers on the west end of the pool (1, 2 and 3). As you enter the water to prepare for your class please assume one of the positions on the map.
  • PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE WATER IF THERE IS ANOTHER ACTIVITY, SUCH AS A CLASS OR LANE SWIM, CONCLUDING. If you arrive prior to your class beginning and another activity is still ongoing, please wait in one of the two designated waiting areas. You will find markings on the floor to indicate where you should stand to maintain two meters distance from others also waiting for your class. Nine spots are on the one end of the pool and nine are on the other end of the pool.
  • Allow the previous class or activity to exit the water prior to entering the water. Once you enter the water, you can assume one of the positions on the Bingo grid.
  • We will have support equipment such as noodles handy for you when you enter the pool.
  • Does the instructor have to be on deck as indicated in the image? No, but the instructor would be counted as part of the 18 in the water. Therefore, if there is less than 18 in the class we welcome our instructors who wish to lead the class from in the water to do so.

Book your spot in a class or lane swim: 7 day advance booking privilege

You can book into both lane swims and aqua fitness classes. With the maximum of 18 patrons for aqua fitness and 8 for lane swims we advise you to book in advance (maximum of up to seven days in advance). Visit our reopening plan for details on how to book in advance.