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Our 50 plus members need to keep moving too!

This post is an online extension of our 50 plus-focused classes at YWCA Saskatoon/Fitness on 25th.

Great for those of you who regularly attend our 50 Plus class, any of our aqua fitness classes or the AM Energizer. You may not be able to come to the fitness centre for your favourite aqua fitness class or land class but you can keep moving. Visit our web site for more information, tips and workouts.

Let’s assume you have not done too much since the gym closed and get you moving with a lower body focus:

Three to five rounds of these movements and reps: this is not a long or necessarily difficult workout. Get moving…its the tortoise that wins the race…not the hare. 

  • 10 Squats. If you attend my classes you are not surprised by this. I want you to focus on good form…remember that volleyball position with a strong neutral back position. Try to keep that weight mid foot or into your heels…try to keep those heels from coming off the floor. And, remember, depth of the squat is up to you. don’t get wrapped up in being deep if your body is not ready for that yet.
  • Five Down/ups: Yup, you need some cardio too. Getting on the floor and off the floor is good for you. Use aids if you need to and feel free to adjust the number of reps if five is too many (or not enough). And, for some of you…this can be a burpee or modified burpee.
  • 10 to 30 second plank. After each set of squats and down/ups, perform a plank. Remember, a good plank position is more important than making the prescribed time. Try not to sag your hips and trunk and try not to tent too much. And, elevate the shoulders if planking on the floor is difficult. Come back to the gym with an improved plank.

Want a good source or plan for your fitness? Reading this book would be a great start while you are away from the gym: