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Access between the Weight Room and the Gymnasium Improved!

Access between the Weight Room and the Gymnasium improved!
One of the modifications we have made at YWCA Fitness on 25th this past couple of months is to open the double doors located in the south west corner of the weight room. These double doors, located in our core/stretching area of the weight room, open directly in the gymnasium and allow improved access to this open space.  We encourage you to use both spaces during your weight room workouts. For example, add weighted walking lunges to your leg routine.

Use the gymnasium to challenge your workout by adding exercises such as walking lunges, wall ball throws, short sprints, a larger space to jump rope and many other activities better suited for an open space.

There will be times when we have to have the doors closed; gym rentals, some instruction classes. The space is there for you to use. Just make sure you are careful not to drop weights on the hard wood. If you would like more examples of how that space can be used to benefit your workout, ask one of our Fitness Consultants or Personal Trainers.