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Strategic Priorities 2015 – 2020

1. Healthy Organization and Sustainable Finances

Improve sustainable employee engagement through organizational practices while securing annualized funding for core and priority programs.

  • Demonstrate improvement related to employee engagement with a priority on fair compensation
  • Strengthen the organizational systems and structures with sound risk management, governance, and infrastructure
  • Create a diversified funding strategy with appropriate contingency plans

2. Advocacy:

Champion public support on priority issues in alignment with YWCA Saskatoon vision and mission.

  • Develop a risk based and planned approach to advocacy

3. Community Relations and Collaborations:

Increase community awareness and support of YWCA Saskatoon’s vision and mission to achieve our goals.

  • Collaborate and partner with organizations, with a priority to the Aboriginal community, to optimize expertise, skills, resources, and mandates
  • Leverage public awareness to increase long-term funding and support

4. Positive and Effective Diversity and Inclusion:

Develop capacity within YWCA Saskatoon to include the voices, strengths, and perspectives of all members of society to ensure inclusiveness and diversity in the organization.

  • Develop a diversity and inclusion strategy embedded throughout the organizational plan that inspires innovation, respect, and the strength of all women
  • Establish an ongoing process to engage the voices of aboriginal women in the planning and delivery of services

5. Learning and Leadership:

Empower women and girls to make a difference in our community.

  • Facilitate opportunities for women and girls to be role models and leaders
  • Recognize and honour women and girls