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About the YWCA

YWCA Saskatoon is a vibrant, community-based organization that responds to the needs of women and their families in Saskatoon, providing both preventative and emergent services. We are a member of YWCA Canada and our funding comes from government, granting agencies, charitable donations, and fee-for-service.

We currently employ more than 100 people and serve approximately 8000 women, men, youth, and children annually.


Women, girls and their families are empowered in a safe, equitable community.


Honouring our commitment to women’s issues, we provide services, programs and advocacy to advance reconciliation, independence, wellness and equal opportunities.



We foster diversity by:

  • Honoring differences in ethnicity, religion, sexuality, socio-economic status, abilities, and ideas
  • Demonstrating flexibility in the creation and implementation of programs and procedures for staff and clients
  • Recognizing the value of differences


We foster respect by:

  • Upholding the dignity of others through our actions and words
  • Embracing differences and treating others with respect
  • Understanding, appreciating, and considering the ideas and opinions of everyone


We foster integrity by:

  • Conducting our social and business interactions with honest and transparency
  • Living purposefully to instill trust in others
  • Following through on promises and commitments
  • Creating a welcoming and fun environment for everyone


We foster communication by:

  • Communicating with openness and honesty
  • Creating consistent standards and norms for the sharing of information
  • Encouraging two-way communication


We foster teamwork by:

  • Encouraging collaboration and cooperation between individuals and departments
  • Valuing individual strengths within the team
  • Building a culture of camaraderie
  • Creating a welcoming and fun environment for everyone.