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A Special Gift for a Woman You Care About: YWCA Tribute Giving

Mother’s Day means something different to everyone. There are often happy memories mixed with sadness. For some of us, we are missing and remembering a mother or grandmother who is gone. For others, there are difficult memories of the past. Many women do not become mothers. But all of us have had special women in our lives who have given us love, advice, hugs, mentorship, a sense of home, delicious comfort food, and more.

There are several great reasons that a tribute gift might be perfect for a special woman you care about.

Tribute gifts are a way to draw you and your special person closer together and say “I care.” In choosing a charitable organization that is close to your heart, or a cause that is special to your friend, you are showing your person how important they are to you and inviting them to share this interest with you.

Tribute gifts are always the perfect fit. Instead of trying to estimate clothing sizes, guess at home decor preferences, remember book titles, or ship fresh flowers, with a tribute gift you’re choosing a way to give that is unquestionably fitting, needed, and wanted. It’s lovely for recognizing special women in your framily, co-workers, or clients.

Tribute gifts are a breeze to send long distance. Many charitable organizations will provide giving options and notify your loved one about the gift you have made in their name. Online giving makes this all even simpler. Your family member or special friend will receive a simple mailed or e-mailed notice from the charity that can include a personalized message from you.

And tribute gifts are a way to give a truly meaningful gift that is a blessing to an individual or family in need. You and your loved one will both experience the joy and gratitude of giving. It will be a memorable gift that has all the signs of being chosen with care.

To make a tribute gift to YWCA Saskatoon in honour of a loved one, visit www.ywcasaskatoon.com and click “Donate Now.”