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Women’s Voice Part Three: Vision

The women who were interviewed in person thought that networking opportunities for women in the trades would be beneficial. Also childcare, financial support, networking, and having an equal opportunity to participate in the trades is important. As part of the focus groups and interviews, the participants were asked what they envisioned for the future, looking […]

Move like an Animal!

by Fred Dyck, B.Sc.P.E, Fitness Manager, YWCA Fitness on 25th We are always looking for inspiration for our Y-Fit Functional Fitness classes. The search is for movements & exercises with two desired outcomes: 1. the movement has a strong functional benefit to the participant and 2. it is interesting. Keeping our classes interesting and beneficial […]

Women’s Voice Part Two: Perceptions

A number of the responses were regarding women working in a male-dominant work place, since this atmosphere poses some challenges regarding gender imbalance. These include unequal pay; stereotypes in the work force such as not being able to do the same work; and men’s arrogance and intimidation of women in the work place. A frequently […]